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French designer, manufacturer and distributor of a complete range of personnalized bags and boxes since 1876 !

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Find below some examples of our realizations

sac papier kraft

Paper bag

Made in France, our paper bags    can be fully personnalized inside and outside.  90% or our paper comes from managed and plant-backed forests.

They are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

MOQ : 2000pcs


Cotton bag

Many supports are available : PP woven and non woven bag, cotton, silk, jute…

Thay can all be personnalized.

In order to reduce our environnemental impact, we use some material which are more eco-friendly, such as PEVA, rPET…

MOQ : 1000pcs


Luxury bag

We can produce such beautiful luxury bags for your shop, so you just have to ask us what you want : hot stamping, kraft paper, ornament ribbon…

MOQ : 1000pcs


Shipping box

We have different types of shipping boxes (flat delivery, automatic bottom…), but all of them are very secured and easy to use. They can be printed inside or outside according to your choice.

They will be very helpfull during the preparation of your orders !

MOQ : 2000pcs

Who are we ? 

A family owned company for more than 140years ! Based in Marseille, we are optimistic and engaged and we are constantly evolving. We are a manufacturer and we can make products such as paper and plastic bags. We have a luxury workshop and so we can product in small series that allows us to respect the delivery times. We are working with suppliers all over the world and as we are manufacturer ourself, we understand their industrial process and we can impose them our requirement level.

We really care about our environmental impact and to improve it, we are always looking for eco-friendly material to do our product : paper which comes from managed and plant-backed forests, recycled plastic and carton, PEVA…


About our logistical means, we have 5 storage areas and we delegate the shipping and air transport to reliable forwarders. We have a quality department which controls the goods after each reception.


Our custumer satisfaction is our main goal. To achieve this point, we have to create a contract of confidence with you by :

  • The quality of the goods
  • The respect of the delivery time
  • An optimal management of your inventories
  • Giving you the best service according to your constraints


Please, give us the opportunity to work together, by contacting us !